Appointed advanced students of all the country.

Three practical days theoretical with one load hour of 15 hours chair, organized by Adri¡n Lagioia, Director of the Study Lagioia & Asoc. and developed in COUNTLESS NUMBER Photographic Study, located in 113 Stones floor 1º, District of Monserrat. Lease of 100m2 in duplex equipped with but the high tech of the market at the disposal of the participants.

They will carry out 10.11 and 12 of June, in the schedule of 16:00 to 21:00 hours.

The schedule of accreditation of the day Monday 10 of June will be to the 14:00 hours.

Prestigious professionals of ample trajectory in means will be in charge of the days. He will interact himself with the students in the armed one, design and accomplishment of the photographic productions of product and fashion.

The first day of the days, in the schedule of 15:00 to 16:00 hours. an introductory chat oriented to the recognition and study of the measurement and lighting equipment will be developed of the light, adapted for the photographic practice in study. The dissertation will be in charge of Ariel Steinberg, fashionable photographer and Vice Presidente F.O.P, Asoc. of Advertising Photographers of the Argentine Republic.

Each participant will have to take his camera.

Finalized the days, certificates will be given that credit attendance, those that will be signed by the professionals to position and Adri¡n Lagioia, Director of the organizing study.

The total cost of the days is of $900 and the vacancy reserve with a bank deposit of $300, to realise in an account of the organizer, whose number will occur the interested one, previous telephone call.

Options of discounts in the payment: The 10 (ten) first interested that they are written down during the month of March, will pay $700. Those that register in April will pay $800 and if the interested one register with a friend, the $700 cost will be of c/u. Those that register in May will pay $900 and if the interested one register with a friend, they will pay $800 c/u.

The inscription takes place in the Study COUNTLESS NUMBER, previous telephone call to arrange an interview. Tel: (011) 5254-8038. There it will be given the interested one I number of account to carry out the bank deposit.

Also technical consultations will be able to be realised on the development of the days to the organizer by telephone route to (011) 15-5456-1872.

The tariff includes: Complementary refreshment and notes.

Each participant who fulfills the 100% of attendance, will be able to participate in a drawing to carry out himself finalized the days, where she will draw for to the accomplishment and the gratuitous use during 6 (six) months of 2 (two) webpages of MULTIMAGEN.COM

The vacancies are limited (20 students maximum).

Restorations will not become of the money phelp for sign or balance, under any concept.

The inscription will be open as of MONDAY 4 OF MARCH until 7 FRIDAY JUNE inclusively.

Program of activities


15:00 to 16:00 hours
Professional to position: Lic. Ariel Steinberg. Fashionable photographer. Vice Presidente of the F.O.P, Asoc. of Advertising Photographers of the Argentine Republic.
Importer of photographic equipment.


We will amuse ourselves learning to make money working than we like. We will discover with examples practical how to make viable the business of the photography. Invited company PROMETH.

16:00 to 21:00 hours.
Professional to position: Susana Mutti. Fashionable, Educational photographer.
Maintaining the same concept of the commercial client we are going to realise variations of puttings of lights that emphasize different properties from the estilismo.

Tuesday 11 of June

16:00 to 21:00 hours.

Professional to position: Arturo Ballester Molina. Advertising photographer. Educational director and of the Nikon School.


€“ To learn to see the light and its measurement.
€“ Calibration of the camera, adjustments of brightness and variation of resistance, noise.
€“ Balance of targets.
€“ Built-in and external flash, diverse forms of use.
€“ Continuous illumination.
€“ Light by day, a source with multiple variables.
€“ Nocturnal light, also a source with multiple variables.


€“ Clave Alta
€“ Calve Baja.
€“ Reflected and Refractions.
€“ Transparency versus Opacity.
€“ Black and white or Monochrome.
€“ Shades, Backlighting, Diffusion, Detail, Definition.
€“ Luz Frontal, Zenithal, Lateral and Profiles.
€“ Pictures.
€“ Inner.
€“ Material Reflecting, glass, metal, mirror, etc.

(*) the technical development of this class will be realised with camera flashes marks NIKON.

Wednesday 12 of June

16:00 to 21:00 hours.
Professional to position: Mariano Molinari. Advertising photographer.
Director of the MolinariPixel Study. Educational.


We will review all the steps necessary to realise a correct product taking, from the budget of the work to the collection of the same, happening through all the intermediate stages.

1 Budget and analysis of sketch or proposal
2 Analyses of the product
3 Preparation of the product
4 Determination of the bottom
5 Position of camera and lenses
6 Illumination
7 Post-production