Appointed advanced students of all the country.

Five days with one load hour of 24 hours theoretical practical developed in Study II of Buenos Aires Color, equipped with but the high tech of the market at the disposal of the participants.
They will be carried out from the 14 to the 18 of JUNE, in the following schedules: Tuesday 14 of June, 17:00 to 20:00 hours., Wednesday 15, Thursday 16 and Fridays 17 of June, 17:00 to 22:00 hours. and Saturday 18 of June, 12:00 to 17:00 hours.
Prestigious professionals of ample trajectory in means will be in charge of both modules. Students in the armed one, design and accomplishment of the photographic productions fashionable and product will interact educational €“.
Each participant will have to take his camera. 
The LABORATORY VERSUS. AS. COLOR, will realise copies of registry of the productions you throw in class.

Finalized the days, certificates will be given that credit attendance, those that will be signed by the professionals to position.

The total cost is of $500 in cash. The vacancies are limited and the payment will be due to only realise by bank deposit to the account Number 0270016880020050241765, Supervielle Bank, to name of Hubmann de Lorenz Cristina and Lorenz Carlos Leonardo.
The New recruits will have to send the proof of the deposit to 
The inscription will be open as of MONDAY 4 OF APRIL until MONDAY 6 OF JUNE inclusively.
Consultations to communicate with Mr. Charlie Lorenz, Director of the Study Versus. Ace. Color, to the 4300-2609, or with Mr. Adri¡n Lagioia, organizer of the days, to 15-5456-1872.


Tuesday 14 of June

Professional to position: Adri¡n Lagioia. Advertising photographer. Director of the Study Lagioia & Asoc. Educational of the Sup School. of Photographic Formation of Silver, Educational of the Nikon School. 
Presentation of the FIRST DAYS YOU PRACTICE OF ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPH in charge of the organizers, Mr. Adri¡n Lagioia, Director of the Study Lagioia & Asoc. and Mr. Charlie Lorenz, Director of the Study of Buenos Aires Color.
Chat €“ he debates: The equipment. Benefits and limitations in the professional field. The cameras, according to a range that belong, are appropriate for any work.
Practice of taking with equipment of format average and digital BAK.

Wednesday 15 and Thursdays 16 of June

Professional to position: Guillermo Losio. Advertising photographer. Educational of the Photo Club Versus. Ace.
With the first weights that I had in my pocket, obtained in exchange for helping old in its business during some vacation of winter, I bought my first camera. Precarious, but my first tool. The years were happening and would lie if it shelp that I stayed united to the photography.
In fact, left it was until my €œveintipocos€ years when I rediscovered in the image the space to communicate to me. The things were working.
My surroundings supported to me unconditionally and I could have a good formation in a called place NESOP (New England school of photography). Where I learned that not only it could communicate to me, but to help to the communication of others.
That, I create is my mission. On the one hand, as professional photographer, I will be the link that him of form to the advertising image to a company, I will be the one who shows in book a model or an actor its potential, or as educational, I will help my students to that they find the channels to express itself with images.


We will develop but the flexible one of the images. We will work on the base of a scheme of high key, aligning make-up, attitude of the model and hairdo. Throughout this first day, we will explore different resistances for different commercial and/or artistic applications.


We will explore kindness of the schemes of key loss. Search of the excellence of the schemes of one, two and three lights. The make-up, clothes and the attitude of the model, will be aligned to help us to fulfill the objective successfully.

17 Fridays and Saturday 18 of June

Professional to position: Carlos Fadigati. Advertising photographer. Educational.
He was born in Rome in 1946; one began in the photography in 1963. He realised cinema studies in Italy and Buenos Aires, and he dedicated himself later exclusively to the advertising photography, red in which he works through the years for the main agencies of the country and bordering countries. One as much stands out in the field of the photography of foods and drinks for graph as in the publishing heading, obtaining prizes to his work as much by the Circle of Creative Argentineans and other institutions dedicated to the photographic task, as the Academic Foundation of Visual Arts that granted the prize to him Pyramid of Silver to the best advertising photographer in 1999. He exposes in C.A.V of Versus. Ace. , Gallery AGFA, Calm Center C., Museum of Modern Art, etc., is creative of FOODSTOCK the first bank of gastronomical images of Argentina. It is charter member of S.A.D.A.F.O, Argentina Society de Photographic Autores, for the author rights. At the moment one evolves actively in his study of San Telmo in Buenos Aires.
€œThe takings with products have certain difficulties and you rule to follow as the diverse frames of Illumination according to their surfaces and formats, that vary according to the product type to realise, trim, special effects, bottoms, composition of bodegones, foods, electronics, products with model, adjustments, post-production, are only some of the thematic ones to cover in this factory€.



Introduction to 3D/study of the light/the importance of the composition
Election of optical/parallax correction/photographic and applied bottoms
The post-production and the adjustment.
Individual packages/€“ groups/bottles €“ frames of or
Photographing products several/meats/treats/chocolates
Fronts of packagings €“ use of groups


To compose dead natures.
Still Life, composition of the atmosphere. /As choosing bottoms   appropriate
The cosmetic taking/plater­a/steel/crystals. - jewels. /clocks.
Labels of canning, resources, techniques of armed.
The illumination of the electric home appliances.