Guide theoretical-practice for the development of the commercial taking in study.

This book this oriented essentially the photography student that develops its first steps with regard to the illumination, design and accomplishment of an advertising taking.

The basic structure of the central chapters is armed with the list of credits modality in which the reader will be with an explanatory text of how the photographic production took to end, followed of a situation scheme where the location of each light source will be able to be analyzed not only, but also what type of accessories was used in them. Finally specific the type of implemented capture (analogical or digital), camera (r©flex, half format or great format), optical, type of applied measurement and the values of diaphragm, speed of clogging and ISO.

A true guide theoretical-practice that contemplates so much the resolution of the schemes of illumination for photographies of people as also of products. The €œA, B, C€ of the advertising taking.

Advertising Folder
Adri¡n O. Lagioia
YEAR: 2015
PAGES: 206
BINDING: Binder Full Color
DIMENSIONS: 14—20 cm
ILLUSTRATIONS: Black and white and color

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