Seminaries & Workshop


Here you will find the new features related to seminaries and workshop.


Gratuitous chat in PROMETH

1º of March of 2014, Adri¡n Lagioia will give to a chat on the cameras and their ranges. This conference is oriented to explain the importance that it has, at the time of choosing our equipment, the type of photography to develop.

Third Practical Days of Advertising Photography 2013

Appointed advanced students of all the country. Three practical days theoretical with one load hour of 15 hours chair, organized by Adri¡n Lagioia, Director of the Study Lagioia & Asoc. and developed in COUNTLESS NUMBER Photographic Study, located in Stones€¦

Chat in 3ª Fair of Libro de Rojas

The day 10 of October to the 19:00 hours. we will half dictate to a technical chat on cameras r©flex and digital format. The same will within the framework be developed of 3ª Fair of Libro of the City of Red, Pcia. of Versus. Ace. The chosen scope is the Cultural Center Ernesto€¦

Workshop de Producto in Commodore Rivadavia

The 2, 3 and 4 of November we will develop a Workshop de Producto in the Province of Chubut. We will mainly approach subjects related to basic techniques of illumination based on the surfaces to photograph.

New Factory of Illumination in the Study COUNTLESS NUMBER

After the success achieved in 2ª PRACTICAL DAYS OF ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY realised in the Study COUNTLESS NUMBER, the director of the establishment offered to us to implement in his educative area the INTEGRAL FACTORY OF ILLUMINATION. We thank for Mr. Adri¡n De Marzi and to€¦