In September of 2015 it found me in my study and excited by the recent purchase of an analogical camera of average format I saw objective, led me the search by information Internet exceeds she. Without wanting it, I ran into with an article that spoke of the production of Argentine cameras, to which astonished I shelp: €œArgentine Cameras? , They existed in truth€. It could not leave the astonishment whereas €œit devoured€ the text of that article and simultaneously it felt a shame intermingled with anxiety, logically produced by my ignorance on the subject, and that to inevitably it took to think me: €œHow it can be that with almost twenty years of profession it did not know this€.

Since then I am surrounded is this magical search, plagued of emotions and difficulties, but as wonderful as intriguing and full of surprises. ۬ This book mainly understands my work and investigation realised during four years, enriched with the invaluable collaboration of my friendly and colleagues. Probably not it is perfect neither complete, since permanently units appear new that including neither the most experienced collectors and interested in the subject knows, but summarizes history that until the moment I could successfully obtain about the production of Argentine cameras, that included eight decades of the century XX and that continues in this century represented by constructors of prototypes, manufacturing craftsmen of pinhole cameras and minuteras, as also of beautiful cameras of gallery.

I try that, somehow, it serves basic for everything what it is to discover, yearning for that it is of affability and utility for which they are interested in the subject.

When I initiated the investigation and search of bibliographical material, I noticed in just a short time that very little information exists on the matter and, if there is it, generally is not exact.

Luckily the effort bore its fruits, and all the realised interviews and meetings served to unite ends that enriched the initiated work, in first instance, with base in the article that found at the time in Internet, written by Mr. Jos© Ram³n Garc­a Men©ndez, collector and possessor of almost all the models of national manufacture, and extended by articles, publicities and script writing of the time that I was acquiring. Obvious, as I shelp previously, when not having documents that certify with exactitude the years of manufacture, the amount of constructed units and other data that would make easier the cataloguing of the cameras, probably continue appearing models of which we ignored his existence; in fact, during the accomplishment of the book, they appeared several cameras that do not appear in the writing of Mr. Men©ndez and who ignor¡ba totally its existence, as also the collectors ignored it interviewed.

Apparently, the companies that ahead took the manufacture of cameras in the country neglected or they at the moment did not give the real and necessary importance to the subject, leaving us without documents which they certify each passage of the production of his models, as the periods of manufacture and other technical characteristics that as much the photographers and collectors interest to. This took to me to deepen the search and I began to delineate tracks that illustrated and evacuated the doubts to me that it had, consulting to collectors and professionals who by their age lived part on that time, as to salesmen and antique dealers also dedicated to the photographic heading.

In synthesis, the tried thing through this book, is to offer to the reader the historical and technical knowledge him of those cameras that without doubt occupied an important part in the life of our relatives, and in some cases they were fundamental and irreplaceable tools in photographic studies of artistic and advertising areas. Today, somehow, with this publication, I return to vindicate them and to remove them from the forgetfulness.

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Title €œArgentine Cameras€, registry of its history

Imaginante editorial, Versus. Ace. Argentina €“ 266 pages full color.

Supported by the Latin American Society of History of Fotograf­a

Camera of Sajauskas plate (Rosario). First time of construction. Principles of century XX

Camera Gevaert Rex Lujo II. 

Model made in the middle of years 50 ' in Argentina. It is possible to be observed in the image the accessories with which was commercialized it.