Rodolfo Oscar Lagioia

The 24 are born in Federal Capital of January of 1948 and at the age of sixteen years, with a camera of direct viewfinder, it begins to canalize his passion by the photography. Two years later he initiates his studies with professor Pedro Otero de Avellaneda, what, with its original way to be, is forming the photographic character of the new student.

He spends the time and he decides to participate in the factories of Advertising Photography with professor Marinelli (ex- manager of the AFPRA; from now on, I took part in diverse seminaries dictated by AGFA Gevaert Argentina, Illumination and Picture (Ricardo Sanguinetti), Fashion (Tono Pafundi), Advertising Photography (Mar­a Cristina Casinelli), among others.

In the digital era it penetrates carrying out: Seminaries on digital Photography and application of Adobe Photoshop (Professor Mariano Molinari), Course of Adobe Photoshop (Educative Alpha), Seminary on Digital Photography and Handling of Endorsements SINARBACK (Rudolph Brusch Suiza), Digital Video and Edition.



During period 1966-1973 he was official photographer of the Embassy of Panama, realising in addition, courses of processes color in the Kodak company of that country.
Between years 1968 and 1974 it acts as as official photographer of the National School military.
From his homes in the embassy until now, it develops his professional activity mainly in product photography, social and institutional.
In the company Edenor S.A. the technique of Infrared Thermography implements from 1993 (infra-red photography) and its application in the detection of electrical faults in high voltage, dictating on the matter, national and international courses through CIER and CACIER for the Argentine and American companies of electrical energy.
As of 1997 it incorporates video and edition to his professional work.
In the artistic area one evolves as jury in halls and internal contests of the New Photo Argentine Club. In the mentioned institution it fulfilled activities as educational dictating to classes in courses and factories. In that scope it takes part representing the Study Lagioia & Asoc. in the seminaries of professional specialization.
Year 2007: In the month of November it enters the staff of educational of NIKON SCHOOL.
Year 2008: As integral of the study, it attends the students in the classes of the Factory of Product Photography developed in the School Superior of Photographic Formation of the city of Silver. Supported by NIKON.
Also from that year one evolves as official photographer of the Trilenium Casino, capturing images of Estela Raval and the Five Latins, Sergio D©nis, Paz Mart­nez, Rodriguez Puma, Solitude, Axel, Patricia Sosa, Adri¡n Otero (the Blusera), Mar­a Marta Serra Lima, Juan Darth©s, Virus, Mart­n Bossi, Cecilia Milone, Carlos Perciavale, Choir Kennedy, Rub©n Rada, Eliana Calabr³, Jairo, Mar­a Creuza, Nito Mestre, Miguel Angel Cherutti, An­bal Pachano, Fashions with Roberto Piazza and Jorge Ib¡±ez, among others.
2011: Photo collaborates as columnist in the Spanish magazine DIGITAL NEGATIVE, writing articles on photographic techniques.

Advertising campaigns

Agency ADV V¡zquez, Manzi Publicity and the following companies: Nafilt S.A. Casino Trilenium, Haras €œthe Whim? , The Box, Agency of tourism Mai 10, Viceroy, Ways and Flavors, Expo Educative Argentina (Group Bugler), Dinap, Correo Argentino, Fundaci³n Konex, Fundaci³n Tzedak¡, Schneider, Edenor S.A., Audi, among others.