Appointed advanced students of all the country.

Three practical days theoretical with one load hour of 15 hours chair, developed in COUNTLESS NUMBER Photographic Study, located in 113 Stones floor 1º, District of Monserrat. Lease of 100m2 in duplex equipped with but the high tech of the market at the disposal of the participants.

They will carry out 11.12 and 13 of June, in the schedule of 16:00 to 20:00 hours.

Three prestigious professionals of ample trajectory in means will be in charge of the days. He will interact himself with the students in the armed one, design and accomplishment of the photographic productions of product and fashion.

Each participant will have to take his camera.

Finalized the days, certificates will be given that credit attendance, those that will be signed by the professionals to position.

The total cost is of $800 and the payment will be due to only realise by bank deposit · The New recruits will have to contact themselves and to send the proof of the deposit to
Also consultations by telephone route will be able to be realised to (011) 15-5456-1872.

The tariff includes: Coffee complementary Break and notes. Each participant who fulfills the 100% of attendance, will be able to participate in a drawing to carry out himself finalized the days, where service by 6 months without position of two websites of MULTIMAGEN.COM the system will be drawn for to accomplishment +

The vacancies are limited (20 students maximum). For that they are outside the quota stipulated by the organizers, they will be able to be written down in a list of interested, leaving a sign of $100, since it is had predicted to realise a repetition of the days days 10, 11 and 12 of September of 2012.

Restorations will not become of the money phelp to those participants who by personal or labor problems could not attend the days.

The inscription will be open as of MONDAY 5 OF MARCH until 8 FRIDAY JUNE inclusively.